Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday: Not a Walk in the Park, but I didn't Kill Anyone

So, today had a number of challenges, but I think I’m still doing okay. We went to the movies, and as expected, my husband got one of those “refill a gazillion times” popcorn buckets. I basically took roughly 3 cups of the non-buttered stuff and put it in the cardboard cup holder thing and told him to NOT give me more when I asked. This worked out well– I didn’t deny myself, but I did watch my portions. Then for dinner, he stopped at “The Hat,” a 1950’s ish kind of diner with supposedly the world’s “best pastrami sandwich.” Yeah, not so good. Anyway, I decided not to order anything and to just mooch off of him. So I had 3 bites of his sandwich (less than 1/6th of it) and was slightly bad and had about 10 of his chili fries, without the cheese. I’m going to call it 6 points, because it has got to be horrible for you, regardless of what I ate.
Anyway, I’m home. I’m going to attempt to be done eating for the night. Here is where it all shook out:
Food Points
1 Tbsp sugar and some skim milk for my coffee 1
1 La Tortilla Factory Tortilla and 1/4 cup egg white 1
1 slice of 2% cheddar cheese 1
Grapes 1
Movie theatre popcorn 4
TJ’s oatmeal cookie 100 calorie pack 2
Trail Mix Bar (forget brand) 3
The Hat pastrami/french fry debacle 6
1 cup Trader Jo O’s with 1/2 cup Fat Free Almond Breeze 3
Totals 22
Am aiming for some spinning and yoga tomorrow morning, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m not so good at waking up on my weekends. Why can’t classes be in the evenings??!

I Survived Disney

Boy am I proud.
I shall be brief. Yesterday, I ate nearly 2/3 of my points by noon. I was ravenous! But somehow I managed to reel myself in and only went 5 points over 22 yesterday. So, on day 5, I’ve managed to eat 15 flex points. Could be worse….. Anyway, my secret to Disneyland was packing 2 pb&j sandwiches. Light bread, light jelly, of course…. Every time my husband would stand in line for a churro, I’d break away half of my sandwich and just stuff my face. Same thing with the pizza. The hot dog. The 2nd churro. Thank goodness I packed 2 sandwiches, or else I surely would have felt compelled to partake.
To Disney’s credit, I did spot 2 stands in both parks that had fruit and vegetables for sale. They even have strawberries with a little chocolate dip for sale. If I do get stuck next time I’m there, the fruit stand will be the first place I turn to.
I’ve started today off well, and will more than likely blog about it tonight. We are heading to the movies, so I’m crossing my fingers that I can control myself . Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

So Lazy

OK, so today was a hungry day. I ate a lot of vegetables, but I also ate a lot of 100 calorie packs. I’m too tired to list it all right now, but let’s put it this way- I ate 6 flex points. Ugh. I also gained 1.5 lbs overnight, which I’m attributing to the salt that was in the popcorn I made for myself last night before bed. (Yeah, ate an extra flex point last night, too) I honestly think I’m suffering from portion distortion or something. How else could my weight creep up like this? I shall be the first person to gain their weight back eating all veggie burgers and low calorie items. Who came up with these things, anyway? I mean, they all add up and then you might as well have eaten the real deal….because at least then you would be satisfied.
I suppose I’m going to continue writing. I’m on a roll.
Restaurants frustrate me. Today, my boss took me out for a celebratory lunch at one of the best Mexican restaurants in town. Of course, this is not a great thing, because Mexican is probably one of the worst ethnic cuisines you can partake in on a diet. So instantly I’m thinking salad or ceviche, but the only way I can eat ceviche is on a tortilla chip….so that is out. Anyway, everyone ends up with carnitas or honkin’ carne asada burritos, and I have this weenie little salad……with 4 jumbo cocktail shrimp added, no cheese, and dressing on the side. And instead of bringing me their lighter vinaigrette, I get this horrid Ranch-type mess. I was too scared to even touch it, so I ended up just eating plain lettuce, shrimp, and cucumbers. Really, truly, unappealing. It was such a waste!! So I came back to work and ate my grapes, ate my chewy Fiber One Bar (despite the fact I knew the gastrointestinal pain to follow would be difficult to tolerate with 3 hours left of the work day), AND my stupid Trader Joe zen fiber muffin. Fiber overload, and all because there is nothing healthy to order at Mexican restaurants!!!
So, that’s my vent for the day. Restaurants make my life so difficult. Boycotting those that don’t disclose their nutritional information doesn’t work, either, because then I’d starve or would be stuck eating at Subway forever. Tomorrow night is dinner at Disneyland. I shudder to think what horror I will eat while I am there.
Bloated and hungry. Over and out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alcohol, Crack, Nicotine.....Coffeemate?

Such a dirty addiction, I know. My day would be so much more filling if it weren’t for my Coffeemate creamer. Thank goodness work doesn’t have the flavored stuff. Then I’d surely be in a world of hurt like I am on my weekends, when I douse my coffee in Vanilla Caramel and then proceed to starve the rest of the day. But let’s be realistic here. This is about a lifestyle change, and Coffeemate is not something I’m willing to part with. So from here on out, I shall shut up and deal.
Day 3 went well. It’s amazing, considering today was a “canned” day. Since my work hours have been insane lately, I had to raid my pantry and freezer for snacks and meals. I worry about the sodium, but hope that my chain-drinking of Arrowhead water was enough to counteract the evil effects.
Oh, more bad news before I report on the weight. My wedding weight was 143 lbs. (I’m 5′7, since we’re getting all personal) My weight at my last weigh-in in January was 147 lbs. A week ago, I swear I was 151. And lo and behold, this morning I was 152. Granted, it’s that time of the month, but this was especially devastating. To top it all off, my new Victoria’s Secret bra that I accidentally ordered in the wrong size (was too big)— is now the perfect fit! I’ve gained 10 lbs of boob. Unfreaking believable. So, I’m just even more motivated not to grab any extra snacks tonight. I’m just going to keep drinking Diet Coke until I’m too tired to stay conscious.
With that super happy note, behold my not so healthy but within points day, with fancy table courtesy of Roni the html magnificent:
Food Points
Creamer — crack for office workers 2
Dannon Light n’ Fit yogurt 1
TJ’s Low Fat Mozzarella String Cheese 1
Smart Ones Baked Ziti 6
WW Carrot Cake 1
2 Light tortillas with grilled chicken and 1/8 cup low fat cheese 5
1 TJ Zen Fiber muffin (small) 1
1 cup of red grapes 1
1 serving green pea chips (don’t buy them– bleh!) 3
Totals 21

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I'm Packin'.....Lunch, that is

3 04 2007
I finally am proud of myself today. And no, this is not weight-related. I curbed my mad morning hunger by giving myself milestones. NO, you cannot eat your 3-point trail mix bar this morning. But if you drink another bottle of water and wait another 1/2 hour, you CAN get a yummy string cheese. I baited myself along all day, and lo and behold, I had enough points leftover to actually satiate my hunger tonight!
I packed my lunch, but was disappointed when my coworkers proposed we go out to eat. A nice compromise was the sunny, outdoor food court by our office. I grabbed my tortilla sandwich and shoved a pudding into my purse, then headed out to enjoy lunchtime. I’ve missed out on the social networking in the past because I didn’t want to eat the calories. This was a much better solution! I think I may do it from now on……gets me away from my desk and now I get to have my eyes on them at all times. Hahaha…the life of a corporate female climbing the ladder!
After work, I headed to the gym for my one-hour spinning class. Admittedly, I’ve only ever taken 1/2 hour spin classes before. An hour petrifies me. If I don’t time my endurance just right, I end up with no juice left and am desperately trying to bring my heartrate down while the rest of the class gets to do a sprinting finish. Today was one of those days. My legs were weary from the elliptical/cross train thingie yesterday, and I just ran out of steam. I finished, as always, but it was a rough one! I earned every last activity point out of that one, let me tell you.
Even more exercise awaited me at home when some idiot parked in my parking spot and I had to drive back out to the road and park. I’m annoyed by my twilight hike, and I’m ready to tow, baby! (I had to vent to someone. I know all anyone wants to read about is the food and exercise, but this explains why I ate so many brussel sprouts tonight)
With that lovely sentiment, behold my food!
Food Points
Coffeemate creamer with coffee 3
Banana (small) 1
TJ’s Light String Cheese 1
Trail Mix Bar 3
La Tortilla Factory wrap with 2 ounces light turkey and 1 slice light cheese 3
Sugar free pudding cup 1
1 cup snow peas and carrots 0
Bowl of Unsweetened Almond Breeze (1 cup) with 1.5 cups of Kashi Go Lean 4
1.5 of Honey Bunches of Oats (I heart this cereal) 5
Brussel Sprouts with 10 sprays ICBINB 0
1/2 of a Hershey 100-calorie chocolate covered pretzel pack 1
Totals 22
Flex Points: I was a bad girl last night and ate 2 pieces of Wild Oats white bread. 5 points. And then I ate something else, but I don’t remember. Oh. Kashi Go Lean. 1 cup. Flex points: 7 eaten/28 remaining
Activity points earned: a lot. Probably 4 or 5. But I’m not eating them, so too lazy to go get the points slide.