Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mega Cycle

So, I didn't make it to practice last night after all.

I left work. Got dressed. Then realized I was wearing a black shirt with blue pants. I know what you're thinking -- it's just a run, who cares? Well, I'm still meeting people. Building up the street cred. You know.... I can't exactly show up to practice CLASHING. The horror!

So I drove home, all pissed off and cranky. I checked the rec center schedule once I got home and noticed that there was a 1.5 hour spin class called "Mega Cycle" that I could go to, so I changed my clothes and off I went. I know that I was supposed to run last night, but I just don't enjoy being so cold! Surely the spin class couldn't be that bad for me....

Anyway, Mega Cycle. Filled with tons of old men, and one moderately middle-aged cyclist with a very nice butt....I sat behind him and stared the whole time. ;) Okay, okay, I'm not really that perverted. But it was right there in front of me. Kind of hard to avoid! Our instructor was a total psychopath. Thought it was fun to redline the entire time. I tried hard to regulate my pace. I want to maintain an aerobic base through the winter, that is all.....but I couldn't help testing out the resistance a little and seeing how hard I could push it. I think everyone in the class was a total pansy, though. 45 minutes in, one guy bragged about how he wasn't even sweating! I glared at him and said, "somebody isn't trying hard enough." Prick. I mean, seriously?! If you haven't broken a sweat in spin class, you are a lazy pig. End of story. You control the resistance!

Man, can you feel the negative energy surrounding me? I just can't help myself these days. My company laid off 25 people last week.....had I stayed in California, I would have been one of them. So I think I'm still suffering survivor's remorse from that..... I'm in this 10-lb weight loss challenge on BT, and I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks because I'm so afraid of what I'll see. And no, I haven't exactly been on my best behavior, either. I'm stressed out and all I want to do is munch. And DH bought Halloween candy, opened the bag, and it's sitting in a giant pumpkin in my living room as we speak. Do you think I haven't touched it?

Oh, and to top it off, I am not an accountant or a CPA. It makes my current job excruciatingly painful and difficult. My direct reports think I am an absolute moron.....but sorry, I don't speak NERD! Ugh. Eventually I'll figure it all out, but until then, they shall continue to think of me as their idiot boss.

So, there you have it. I am a clashing, run-avoiding, mega-cycling, fat idiot. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up on a better side of the bed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I AM going to practice

It's freezing here. Literally, "see your breathe," legs are numb, need-a-jacket kind of freezing. And yes, I did grow up here....but I'm a pansy now.

To prepare for the cold, I am now in possession of a Sugoi keep my neck and ears warm, and to protect my poor freezing hands. I bought windproof tights, but I can't seem to find them. I even have a weatherproof windbreaker. I am, on all accounts, prepared to face the elements....

But boy am I having a hard time talking myself into going to track practice tonight!

I usually do Thursday nights, but since I got Avs tickets for the game on Thursday, I needed to switch my run to coaches.... I just don't know. The mountains look gloomy (they usually give you warning when bad weather is coming!), my boss is on the warpath and probably will want me to work late, and I'm having trouble getting motivated..... Could I not run through this workout on the treadmill? Maybe? Or would I eff up my knees even worse?

Ugh. I don't know..... I'm thinking I'm going to treadmill it and see how I feel. Life happens, right?

Oh, I'm alive, btw. Just not up to much, so feel silly blogging about it. I'll be back, though....Soon.... I can feel the need to get it all out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wii Would Like to Run

The past month and a half has almost been like a mourning period for me. We'd always knew we were going to move back to Colorado......and the time job-wise was right..... But I wasn't ready to leave the life I made for myself there, and forcing myself to give up my friends, my training, my Coach..... Well, it really took its toll on me and I've felt a little incomplete ever since.

Yesterday, I got a piece of that back. Thank goodness! It was my first practice with the triathlon team coaches and their off-season running program. The head coach for the entire program was there, and she was a hoot. Very knowledgable about running and triathlon, instantly zoning in on my goals and my weaknesses as she carefully assessed everything from heart rate to distance times. She picked up on my stiff shoulder (the one that makes it so I cannot hug my husband without crying out in pain, but I can still swim so I don't bother to get it looked at), my slight pronation of my right foot, my lack of flexibility......and the fact that I'd rather leave it all out on course than not try. We did 5 400-meter time trials with one minute of rest in between, and when I went off on #5, she yelled to me, "Don't kill yourself! Just get through it!" It made me laugh, because that's exactly what my old Coach would tell me. So, I've traded Coaches...the confident sometimes-Boston accented Cali girl to the sassy, short South American ex-uber athlete. I think we're going to get along just fine.

After practice, we talked about my inability to enjoy running. How my heart rate is really never low, even with a supposed "LSD" run. She said that's because I never took the time to build a proper base. Well, before I could get defensive about my old Coach, I had to think about that..... I went from being a non-runner (as in, never ran more than a mile continuously in my life) to running 3-mile sprints in 12 weeks. And then I stopped, took some time off, and went into the Olympic training plan for my 6-mile race distance.....I think we started end of January, and the race was the first week in April? There was no such thing as long slow distance for me....if I stopped and walked the majority of my 7-mile runs in order to keep my heart rate down, I would have never ever made it to race day. So yes, she is right. I never took the time to build a proper base.

Hello TIME!

Although I am sore today, I am excited about the future with this group and this new Coach. Not the same as what I had with the Divas, but it'll do for now.

In between this new run program and my Tuesday night spin class (insanity-- the teacher gets off the bike to refill water bottles --- it's only an hour class--- we don't need water!!!), I am pleased to report that I am finally using the Wii Fit that hubby bought for me after the move. We spent a gazillion dollars on this stupid gaming system, so I was bound and determined to make use of it. But I absolutely LOATHE video games, so it's been tough. When it does the body test and tells me my body isn't balanced and I must have trouble standing up, I seriously want to put a hole through my television set. When I gain weight (and i do -- let's face it, depending on what I've eaten that day, my weight DOES in fact vary!), it asks me to identify a cause of my weight gain. Do you think there's anything there that doesn't sound alarming? NO! So I have to say "I don't know" and then it lectures me on exercising and eating. And when that f*cker sees that I haven't been on it for a few days, it says, "have you been lazy?!" Um, excuse me.....I actually got off my rear and did real exercise. You know, us lazy people can think of better things to do than to stand in place and hula hoop.

But I digress. Yes, the Wii Fit infuriates me. Yet I continue to do it.... Why, you ask? For the yoga! I love the yoga poses. Unfortunately, this POS program only gives you 5 to start with, so I have to run in place, hula hoop, do lunges, and weigh in so I can unlock the rest of them. I don't find the yoga to be relaxing on the Wii, but it does give me a better sense of the correct form that I need for each pose and I love that it stretches and strengthens my problem areas, like my pesky hip flexors. If I could just turn on the Wii Fit and do yoga independent of the other crap, I think I'd be somewhat happy with it.

So that's my scoop. Work is getting busy. New run program and coaches rock. Wii Fit is MADDENING. And now it is time for me to go home!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Felt Invasion

You would think that visiting nine bike shops in one day over the weekend would be something I'd enjoy.

You would be right, if I was shopping for myself. But, alas, my husband commandeered the day AND the purpose, determined to purchase a road bike for himself so that he can follow me to the ends of the earth and back. Woohoo.

I should be happy. Really, I should. Except he's such a freaking copy cat!!! We went to 9 bike shops on Saturday, and at the very last one, he found a 63 inch Felt F75. Yes, that's my bike. Just ginormously bigger. And with a touch of red.....

My poor bank account. I really was hoping he'd say, "you know, honey....since I intend to be a busy working boy in the future, I will settle for this $700 bike and call it a day. Sora works for me!" But no. Only the best.

We went on our first ride yesterday, and he sort of kept up. I mean, it was on the narrow and winding bike trail, so it wasn't like I could drop him going 21 mph. But I tried. We only made it 8 miles yesterday, as his fitness level still isn't up to par. I think next time I just need to pack tons of food and keep luring him away from home so he doesn't have the choice to turn around too soon.

At any rate, meet the Buff's newest mate, Satan. (He hates red, remember?!)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


It's Saturday morning.

I should be pulling out the bike, slapping on the colder weather clothes, and going on a nice long ride. Or driving to the gym and swimming at a nice aerobic clip for 45 minutes to an hour. Or maybe even do some yoga and physical therapy so that my hip flexor improves.

But no. I am sitting here waiting for dear hubby, who is green with envy and desperately wants a road bike, to get ready to go to a million bike shops in the Denver Metro area.

He wants a road bike. But not just any roadbike! No, my "I deserve to use my entire paycheck for fun things" husband (while my paycheck does what? Pays the bills?) wants 105 components OR BETTER!!! Not that he's ever really ridden a road bike in his life, mind you. Or that he will actually ride it frequently. No, he claims he will, but I know him and his passing fancies better. What about a used bike, you ask? Well, no......Mr. Pristine doesn't do used. And the 2008 clearance bikes? Well, most of them are red or have a little red on them. Mr. "I Hate Nebraska" doesn't do red.


My poor house down payment is about to be decimated by my determined and expensive spouse.

And you know what? Even a 105-equipped roadbike won't be enough for him to catch me.......