Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stick a Fork in Me!

I'm done. Seriously, this is getting a bit ridiculous. I know I have 3 more days until I hit "full term," but I feel like I've done my time. I've put up with months and months of Braxton Hicks contractions. I'm starting to get stretch marks under my belly from this ginormous baby I am growing. My nights are full of 3-5 pee breaks a night, sometimes interspersed with bouts of insomnia. My feet are starting to swell. We don't discuss the roids. It's all bad at this point, and I don't think it's going to get better until this baby comes into this world.

Instead of hitting the gym today, I walked in, smelled the guy who was running on the treadmill, then ran out while choking back vomit. Got dressed back into my work clothes and had a spur of the moment lunch with the hubs. !!!! What has become of me?

Well, up until last month, exercise made me feel better. I still got that high. I got energized. But now, exercise makes me tired. I have to stop frequently so that the cramps calm down, and afterwards, I want to take a nap. What the heck?! But I hope I can get back to swimming soon...

Speaking of swimming, my triathlon team has completely gone soap opera. They fired the head coach, who I have a HUGE amount of respect for, and now I am so angry I don't feel motivated to attend the group practices. Quite frankly, the remaining coaches don't have the skills or teaching abilities that I think I need in a Coach. So, I guess this also makes the timing right for baby. It'll give my old Coach time to get her business together and then when I am ready to train again, I'll sign on with her and go from there. :)

Anyway, have my 37 week appointment tomorrow. Since last week I was neither dilated nor effaced, I don't intend to consent to an internal tomorrow. What's it going to tell me? At this point, my water either needs to break or I need to be crying in pain in order to know if I'm in labor. I don't need the disappointment of an internal showing no progress. And who wants internals, anyway? They are so painful!

So, that's my scoop. Not feeling like doing the pregnancy survey, because it's getting a little old. And besides, I think I've covered all the bases. While I'm not "miserable," I'm now ready to meet my son. BRING IT!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hanging on

This week, I downgraded myself to "Upper Intermediate" swimming. It's a bit slower-paced than Advanced, and when I am done, I am not left crampy and out of breath. (Instructions from Dr.: "Easy does it.")

I have to say, swimming is a heck of a lot more enjoyable when I'm not one of the slowest in the pool. In fact, I got quite a few "oh shits" when I got out of the pool at the end and my lanemates discovered I was pregnant. Go me! It's endurance month, so this makes life much easier than doing painful kicking drills. I just hope I can keep it up until the bitter end.

Which, isn't too far off. How scary is that? Had my baby shower last week, and so many people came- it was so much fun to have all of my friends and family in the same place. Stressful, but fun! My little house BARELY held everybody. And they put quite a dent in my registry so that this weekend, I didn't have to drop $1K at Babies R Us to finish it all off. Whoever said all a baby needs is a crib and love is full of crap! (Or am I full of baby crap?! I do feel like I could run a nursery now)

I'm DONE with work. Not literally, just figuratively. I haven't checked out, but I am way more sensitive and stressed out than I usually am, and it's just not making for a pleasurable last month. My feet are starting to swell, too, so this makes looking good a little problematic. Some days, I am tempted to leave the office barefoot!

Anyway, here's my weekly log for baby this week, as i haven't done much on the workout end aside from swimming and a few hours of elliptical and yoga. Woohoo.....

How far along? 34 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 34 lbs GAINED....I'm so over it.

Sleep: I wake up to pee every hour and a half, but most of the time I can go back to sleep.

Best moment this week: Um....Friday night when I was done with work???
Movement: He's a sleepy little guy. Has a few bouts of hyperactivity a few times a day, but is mostly pretty quiet.
Food cravings: Nope. But chocolate sounds extra good.

Stretch Marks: Last weekend, I got one under my belly. I'm pissed. So much for my fancy lotion.
Gender: Boy!!
Labor Signs: More Braxton Hicks this week, but Dr. isn't concerned. Thinks it'll be fun to see if I've progressed at my 36 week appointment.
Belly Button in or out? In...but it ain't pretty.
What I miss: Full use of my right wrist.
What I am looking forward to: Taking the baby for a run in the stroller. Can't wait for warm weather and the ability to run without feeling like I have a bowling ball between my hips.
Weekly Wisdom: It's possible to be ready but not ready. ;)
Milestones: Um, that crappy stretch mark!