Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Ba-ack....

And I'm sick!

But what a wonderful time it was..... My first vacation in eons, and it was just phenomenal. Am planning on doing a little travel blog for the trip once DH gets the pics uploaded, so stay tuned....

As for training? Well, do you know how hard it is to run around deck in 12-foot swells? Or to get up at 6am to run when you were up until 1:00am watching the "adult" comedy show and have to go on an all-day physical excursion at 8am?

It's hard! I managed 2 hours on the elliptical in my 7 days.....2 hours of snorkeling and kayaking, at least 4 hours of walking briskly all over Miami, Grand Cayman, and Tulum..... We also never once took an elevator on the ship. That means sometimes we'd climb 11 floors to get where we needed to go, since our room was on lovely level 1. :) So yes, I ate like a pig, but I was also as active as I could be.

Running coach forgot about the cruise and e-mailed to find out where I was the past few weeks. I feel delinquent! And slow..... Oh well, what's done is done.

Will post more when I have photos!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Butt Hurts

Sorry, TMI. But it really does! Whenever I walk, I can feel it run down the side to my hip and OUCH. And the sad part? I have done nothing aside from ride the trainer for the past week. No running for me-- it snowed all weekend long and it's pitch black at night (and did I mention cold?!) when I finally get home at night. I feel like a blob. And my butt hurts.

On a different note, my bank account is noticeably smaller thanks to this lovely cruise idea I had. Sure, it sounded cheap at the time, but when you add on all the exotic excursions I've signed us up for, we're having one hell of a vacay. Dinner at the uber fancy supper club one night, and a new kayak/snorkeling adventure in Roatan. In the rain, probably, as the 10-day forecast is looking scary. We leave Saturday morning, and I haven't started packing yet. I did, however, receive the tankini I ordered from http://www.athleta.com/ last week. It's gorgeous! Very excited about it-- I think this is the first time I've ordered a bathing suit online and I actually liked how it fit. At any rate, this was the biggest stress on me.......but now it's done. Check it out:

DH bought a crazy camouflage "bonnet" for our excursions in the sun. I say bonnet, but he swears it's a "killing hat" because he bought it at an Army Surplus store. Honestly, all I want to do is break out in the Judy Garland "Easter Parade" song when I see him. Ugh! I will have to insist it gets removed for all pictures, as it's just too much to handle.

Work is cranking up again, right in time for my departure. I know my boss is upset that I'm taking a vacation, but it's my first one in years and I have 8 vacation days that I earned and would lose if I didn't take it. So here I am, taking my vacay. Woohoo!!! Now I just need to find the phone number to the ship in case of emergency.

So I suppose that's it from me. 3 more days!!!