Thursday, November 25, 2010

Well, I never.....

....thought I'd start a Thanksgiving morning:

at 5am
with the words, "don't lick that, that's gross"
and a dancey dance to Yo, Gabba Gabba!

My, how things can change in one short year.

Am sitting on the computer, watching Derek mess around in his crib on the monitor when he should be sleeping. My dough for the Thanksgiving buns is resting and rising. DH is still sound asleep, and the cat is getting his turn with his Mum. I desperately need to run and shower, but at this point, it's not looking so good for the run!

Things on the home and work front are settling down. While I'm getting passed over for a promotion yet again this year, I'm just thankful to still have a job and still have respect around the company. I've come to terms with the fact that Derek will never settle into a set schedule....but I still hold out hopes that daycare will turn things around. I literally have 5 different baby books that talk about scheduling and sleep, and so far, all of them have been wrong with MY baby. So I call crap on all of it. I'm going to put this out there - like people, all babies are different. And mine is super special.

Have started up with a run coach. She's very sweet, but the plans are pretty basic and feedback thus far has been more supportive than I am looking for. I do like her, so I am hopeful I can stick to her plan and start to see some results. Thus far, my run fitness is just catastrophic. Between running with the baby, on the hills of my neighborhood, into the wind, in the cold.....well, suffice it to say I'm about as slow as you can get without walking. Something's got to give! I'm doing Insanity workouts at work 2 times a week now, which are quite literally "insane." And I'm still doing a P90X workout once a week as well. Am I losing weight?

Ha! Ha hahahahahahahahaha...... Never!

But I'll figure this out one day, too.

Until then, I'm off to commence Turkey Day activities. This nap does not look promising, so to the screaming teething monster I go.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Leah said...

Derek is really adorable. Just fyi, I didn't exercise for 4 years after having my daughter. She never slept well, and my husband and I worked full time. It was hard. But it gets easier. Enjoy the time with him now and give yourself a break.