Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanks in advance of thanks

Wow. Just found a blast from my past. How crazy is that? An "ex" if you want to even call him that. Still arrogant. Heavier and uglier. Happily married with family.

Made me lucky am I??

I have a beautiful baby boy who gets cuter and cuter every day. His smile and laugh are contagious, and he brightens the room when he enters it. I think the day he says "mama" is seriously going to melt my heart.

I have an amazing husband. My polar opposite in many ways. After baby, everything is more passionate -- in arguments, I hate him far more than ever....but I also love him deeper as well. A tradeoff? But he's an excellent partner in life, and I really lucked out. AND he's improved with age. Hot damn!

Anyway, just thought I'd get it all out there.

Work is starting to get insane, so I've had to cut down on the pumping. Only twice a day now. I feel incredibly guilty for shifting my little man to formula, but he doesn't seem to be doing too poorly on it. And now I have time for life -- 4 hours+ a day of pumping was just not fun!

On the plus side, it's helped me lose 3 lbs in a week. I'm hoping for some more rapid weight loss as this pumping stops completely.

And to end, a few photos of my little munchkin. He's too cute!

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